Repair of electrical units of the world's leading manufacturers. Service (subscription) service. Maintenance.

Repair of electric units of the world's leading manufacturers
The Techstar service center provides warranty and post-warranty repairs of any complexity, as well as diagnostics and maintenance of the following types of electrical units:
  • power plants (petrol, diesel and gas)
  • welding generators
  • compressors
  • motor pumps
  • marine diesel generators and engines installed on various construction and agricultural machinery and other equipment
All specialists of the company regularly undergo training and re-certification from leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and components and have personal certificates. Thanks to extensive experience and high qualifications, all repair work is carried out efficiently and on time.

10 mobile teams promptly respond to any requests and needs of our customers. All teams are fully equipped with diagnostic equipment, necessary tools and consumables.

Service (subscription) service
Maintenance of generator sets is the final stage of the general production chain of GC "VEPR".
As part of the maintenance of electric generators, the following types of work are carried out:
  • scheduled or emergency call to the customer
  • diagnostics of the operability of all power plant nodes
  • drawing up a service work plan, determining the scope and timing and timing of repair work
  • annual maintenance with round-the-clock technical support
  • organization of the supply of spare parts and equipment for replacement
  • modernization of existing power equipment
  • professional free consultations on the operation of installed units, training of the customer's specialists both on the basis of the SC "Techstar" and directly at the facility
At all stages of the life cycle, qualified supervision of the equipment and technical support of its operation are provided.

The VEPR Group of Companies takes care of the long-term operation of its generator sets, therefore it carries out constant technical control over them. Timely maintenance of the power plant is the key to its long-term trouble-free operation. However, it is important not only to carry out THAT on time, but also to carry it out by highly qualified personnel.

The specialists of the Techstar Service Center have all the necessary knowledge, experience and carry out high-quality maintenance of generator sets and other equipment. Observing the regulations of manufacturers, using equipment and consumables recommended by manufacturers, and taking into account the specific operating conditions of generators, our engineers will do everything to ensure that your equipment functions for many years without downtime and failures.
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